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Build & Sustain Contracting Success

Coley has over two decades of government market experience. Our trainers come with first hand experience as contractors and as a business consultants.  Our team of experts provide mentoring and training solutions to all types of customers including government agencies. They have helped small and large businesses accelerate market entry and establish long-term government contracting success.

We’ve been there…

As a contractor, Coley has navigated through the hurdles of growing in the government market.  Coley understands the real burden business owners have and has developed a training program so companies can avoid the commonly made mistakes and provide insights on developing a long-term winning strategy.

Accelerate Understanding

Federal Market Acceleration Program (FedMAP™)

An experiential, multi-modal cohort training program available to government contractors focused on accelerating a company’s entry or expansion into the Federal Market.

Recorded Webinars 

Access training sessions designed by our experienced team  to bring that knowledge to small businesses to help them accelerate their entry into the Government contracting market. Some courses  include: Uncover End-of-Year Contract Opportunities, Assessing Win Probability, Building Proposal Pricing, and Competitive Pricing Strategies That Win. 

Gain Market Traction

Coley provides an industry specific FedMAP (Federal Market Acceleration Program) Report which provides a two to three year plan of action for your business. 

FedMAP Report

Our report provides an overview of an industry, federal market size, specific targets of re-competes and forecasted opportunities by agency and small business category from market intelligence gathered from the past 2 fiscal years. 

In addition, it provides resources for each of the top 5 agencies identified and creates timelines and a plan of action to better position a company for award of a specific contract opportunity.

Serving All Industries

Construction and Architecture & Engineering

Medical Services

Medical Supplies & Equipment

Facility Maintenance, Landscaping, & Forestry

IT & COMM Services

IT, COMM, & AV Equipment

and many more...

Transportation, Vehicle Services & Equipment


Professional, Admin, & Labor Staffing

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Our program provides peer-accountable, hands-on experience that ends with the knowledge and skills needed to win government contracts.

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