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Jack Coley

Jack is CEO of Coley & Associates. Prior to founding Coley & Associates in 2001, he spent five years opening and growing three regional field offices for a large Defense Contractor. He has over 25 years of experience as a successful Government Contractor. He uses his expertise to help small businesses accelerate their success in the government market. Jack has advised hundreds of small and large businesses, spoke at conferences, sat on expert panels, and been quoted in numerous articles. His experience with building business across a broad range of government agencies and areas, including information technology, training, logistics, security, medical, and product sales has helped his clients win more than $3 billion in contract awards, to date. He received his MBA with Honors from Webster University and a BS with distinction from Wayland Baptist University. Jack is an Air Force Veteran.


JF Bierlein

JF is a Senior Associate at Coley GCS. JF’s experience ranges over 35 years in the Government marketplace. Prior to joining Coley, JF worked at several large engineering firms in Washington D.C. area where he led proposal development efforts. He has helped Coley’s clients win over $2 billion in contract awards over the past 15 years through strategic opportunity bid analysis and coaching expertise. He has provided one-on-one coaching with small businesses in a variety of industries, including IT, security services, medical staffing, temporary staffing services, business management and consulting services, and many others. JF recently supported the Purdue University’s Defense Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (DMEP) by advising small businesses ton how to sell to the U.S. Government, particularly DoD. He received his Ma from American University and his BA from Valparaiso University.

Mike Meadows

Mike is the Senior Vice President of Coley & Associates. Mike’s career includes more than 28 years of varied business development, program/project management and product management in both Government and commercial markets. Mike currently leads Coley’s Government Services division overseeing the delivery of innovative solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations on schedule and under budget. He has led the capture of Government contracts and managed over 150 Government contracts and task orders in a variety of industries, including training, staffing, engineering, software development and web development. Mike is certified by the Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional. Mike received his B.S. in Computer Engineering, from the University of California, San Diego, and M.E. in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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