Facility Rental Agreement

THIS FACILITY RENTAL AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), is made and effective on the date executed by the parties hereto, by and BETWEEN COLEY LEARNING CENTER (“Coley”), a Texas corporation with headquarters located at 140 Heimer, Suite 400, San Antonio, Texas 78232, and _________________________. (“Client”)

This agreement is to allow you to use the Coley Learning Center located at 140 Heimer Rd. Suite 400 B on _____( date / time)______. Allows for 45 minutes before and after the hours agreed upon within this contract for set-up and tear down.

For the use of the facility, you agree to pay Coley the amount of $_________. To confirm reservation of the Coley Learning Center, full payment is due. Cancellation policy. 48 hours or more notice: full refund less a 20% processing fee. Less than 48 hours, no refund. Food & Beverage billed and taxed separately but included in the total balance due of $__________________.

Payment is to be made in full, by check or credit card, prior to or on the date of the contracted space. Coley reserves the right to charge outstanding balances or any fees assessed to the credit card provided for the rental space guarantee deposit.

You agree to follow all rules and regulations established by Coley with respect to usage of the facility. The facility is to be left in the same condition as when the rental period began; if it is not, a cleanup fee, actual repair and/or replacement cost will be assessed.

You acknowledge and agree that audio visual equipment or other property on the premises during the rental period is the property of the Coley. You agree to financial responsibility for any damage that occurs to the equipment or property during your rental period. Audio Visual equipment is available for use at rates per attached schedule. If you chose not to use the Coley audio visual equipment, but assistance from the Coley staff is needed with setup of your own equipment, a $50 fee will be assessed.

Coley requests that you refrain from using scotch tape, nails, pushpins or other damaging fasteners to hang signs or other materials on the walls. Liability for damage to the premises and its contents will be charged at actual repair or replacement cost.

Outside food and/or drinks are permitted to be brought into the Coley Learning Center require prior approval. Alcoholic beverages, cooking and using heat sources for food preparation are prohibited. You agree to properly dispose of and clean up food or drinks served by you during the rental period. Spills and stains must be promptly cleaned.

Coley is not responsible for equipment and/or personal belongings left at the Coley Learning Center or other locations within the building. Smoking is not permitted in the building and is allowed only in the designated areas located outside of the building.

Parking spaces are limited; carpooling is recommended for groups over 20. You acknowledge and agree that the Coley is not liable for injury, damage or loss to any person or property caused by any other person, including but not limited to, theft, burglary, trespass, assault, vandalism or any other crime. You further agree that Coley shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to you, your guests, or any other persons who use the facility pursuant to this agreement. You further acknowledge that the Coley is not liable for injury, damage or loss to any person or property on account of fire, flood, water leak, rain, snow, hail, ice, smoke, lightning, wind, explosion, interruption of utilities or any other occurrence. Coley makes no representations that any effort on Coley’s part will increase security or decrease the likelihood of assault, theft, or illegal entry upon the Premises.

You agree that if you fail to comply with any provision of the agreement, you shall be deemed in default. In the event that you are in default of the agreement, you further agree to indemnify the Coley Learning Center for any damages suffered as a result of your default, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and any other costs that Coley incurs as a result of your default.